Silvey's Super Sinker

Brian Silvey



HOOK: 2X heavy, 2X short curved shank, turned-down eye; e.g. TMC 2457 or equivalent. Sizes 16-18.

BEAD: Tungsten. Use one size bigger than you usually would for the hook size.

THREAD: To match body

TAIL: Hen hackle

RIB: Very thin wire

BODY: Mirage Flash with thread over top. Keep it thin.

WING CASE: Nymph skin

THORAX: Peacock dub or tyer's choice

LEGS: Hen hackle



This pattern was designed by fly fishing guide Brian Silvey to be used in the height of summer on the Deschutes River, when hatches are scarse and the bugs are small. It's chief attributes are that it sinks quickly and looks buggy, and that's enough for trout anywhere.


How to Fish

Best used on a dropper rig under a dry fly, such as a size 14 Elk Hair Caddis. Then use standard dry fly presentations.



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