Whitlock Sculpin

Created by Dave Whitlock


Sculpins (aka "bullheads") are often eaten by large, predatory trout, both in rivers and in lakes. This is one of many sculpin patterns that anglers have devised.


Use olive for thread, light olive for body, olive for tail, pectoral fins, and head.

How to Fish

Use a sink-tip or full sinking line and a count-down-and-retrieve or slow retrieve presentation. Sometimes make the fly move with quick darts: give it a short fast strip, then let it sit, then strip again; and so on. The main thing is to be at the right depth (it will vary) and to make the fly move like it is alive.

HOOK: TMC 300, sizes 1/0-8


RIB: Oval gold tinsel

BODY: Cream wool yarn

GILLS: Red wool dubbing

TAIL: Two brown-dyed grizzly hackles. Tie to body with ribbing, and let hackles extend past hook bend about as long as the hook shank.

PECTORAL FINS: Brown hen mallard breast

HEAD: Brown deer hair in back, with band of black deer hair near the hook eye. Spin the deer hair and clip. Add eyes.