Created by Andy Burk


Imitates a waterboatman. Waterboatmen feed on submerged plants in shallow stillwaters. Although they spend most of their time underwater, they come to the surface to breath. The frequency of their breathing can be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. After getting a gulp of air, they descend, often trailing a string of bubbles behind them. Hence the long, trailing strand of Accent Flash in the fly pattern. Waterboatmen propell themselves by kicking their legs, which are imitated here by the rubber strands. The insect is of most interest to trout in the fall.

How to Fish

Use a floating line and (optionally) an indicator. Cast into water 3-4 feet deep and let the fly settle to near the bottom. Then use a twitching lift-and-settle retrieve.

HOOK: TMC 200R, sizes 14-16


TAIL: Pearl Accent Flash

BACK: Pearl Flashabou plus a strand of Zing

LEGS: Black round rubber

BODY: Peacock herl