Troth Bullhead

Created by Al Troth


Sculpins (aka "bullheads") are often eaten by large, predatory trout, both in rivers and in lakes. This is pattern was developed by Al Troth, inventor of the Elk Hair Caddis.

How to Fish

Use a sink-tip or full sinking line and a count-down-and-retrieve or slow retrieve presentation. Sometimes make the fly move with quick darts: give it a short fast strip, then let it sit, then strip again; and so on. The main thing is to be at the right depth (it will vary) and to make the fly move like it is alive.

HOOK: TMC 300, sizes 3/0-6


TAIL: White marabou. Back ostrich herl from the shellback (see below) will mix with the tail.

SHELLBACK: Black ostrich herl. Tie it in at the hook bend with the tips extending backwards and mixing with the tail. After wrapping the body, pull the rest of the herl over the body and tie it at the head.

BODY: Cream rabbit dubbing

COLLAR: Red deer hair. Spin the hair and clip it, but leave some ends extending back over the body.

HEAD: Natural deer hair, spun and clipped