Titanic Stone


Imitates a drowned adult salmonfly.

The Titanic Stone works well at the tail end of the salmonfly hatch season. Most females have laid their eggs, and the trout lay content and gorged. They've been pounded by frauds for two or three weeks, and they are savvy enough to recognize that the action has passed. A big surface pattern is out of place. At this time, sunken adult stoneflies can be effective, and the Titanic Stone fills the niche.


A golden stonefly adult can be imitated with a slightly smaller hook and amber dubbing for the body.

How to Fish

Use a wet-fly swing or shallow nymph presentation

Tying Instructions

1. Slide bead onto hook.

2. Tie in the thread and bring it to the rear of the hook.

3. Dub a small ball of black sparkly dubbing, about the size of a BB.

4. Tie in KrystalFlash ribbing.

5. Dub the body, wrapping over the bead, so that is locked in the body area.

6. Tie in sparse elk hair wing. Don't pull tight on it so it flares; make a couple "gathering wraps" behind the tie-in point so that the hairs are coupled together over the back of the fly.

7. Tie in brown hackle. Make 2-3 wraps, then sweep it back and tie it down.

8. Make a bright orange throat with thread.

9. Dub head.

10. Whip finish and lacquer.

HOOK: Dai Riki 270, size 2-8

THREAD: Hot orange 6/0 Uni-Thread

EGG SAC: Black ball of fur

BODY: Orange or gray Haretron

RIBBING: Orange KrystalFlash

BEAD: Coper or silver bead. Can be painted

WING: Sparse elk hair

HACKLE: Sparse dark brown hen or partridge. Sweep it back over the head

THROAT: Hot orange thread

HEAD: Gray dugging