Timberline Emerger

Created by Randall Kaufmann


This is a good searching pattern for high lakes. It is generic enough to look like lots of kinds of food, especially if you're a hungry trout that's never sure were its next meal is coming from. Keep it sparse.


Gray, tan, and olive are good colors.

How to Fish

Use a floating line. After casting to a likely looking spot, let the fly sink a few feet, then slowly retrieve it until it nears the surface. Then let it sink again, and repeat.

HOOK: 3721 or 200R


TAIL: Gray marabou kept short and thick

RIB: Copper wire

BODY: Gray Partridge SLF or angora goat mixed with Haretron

LEGS: Brown neck hackle

WING: Grizzly hen tips. Tie them in a "V," with the feathers curving away from each other, on top of the fly.