Sticky Pupa

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates a caddis pupa that is about to hatch into an adult.

The Sticky Pupa has the advantage of hanging up briefly in a trout's teeth, thus giving anglers precious moments to recognize the take and set the hook. For more on sticky flies, see the article Sticky Flies.


Vary the size and colors to match natural caddis pupae.


Vary the color and size to match different caddis hatches.

How to Fish

Do not dress the fly. Use a floating line and a shallow nymph presentation. A wet-fly swing can also be effective. When fishing the fly deep, present it near the bottom using the trout indicatoror tight linepresentations with weight on the leader.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place hook in vise, and start thread.

2. Tie in egg yarn.

3. Tie in 5-7 strands of Krystalflash.

4. Wrap all but one strand of Krystalflash around hookshank.

5. Pull tying yarn forward, tying down loosely.

6. Rib with one strand of Krystalflash.

7. Dub thorax loosely.

8. Tie in hackle, making 2-3 wraps.

9. Whip finish and trim.

HOOK: Dai RIki 270, size 10-18

THREAD: To match body

UNDERBODY/RIBBING: 5-7 stands of pearl Krystalflash

BODY: Peach, green, or tan egg yarn

THORAX: Brown seal fur and brown Ice Dub

HACKLE: Partridge or woodcock