Sparkle Emerger


Imitates emerging mayflies.


Vary the size and color to match local insects.

How to Fish

Use the shallow nymph presentation or standard dry fly tactics. If you cast this so it lands softly, it should rest just below the surface, with the CDC wing and foam head keeping the top of the fly flush with the surface. However, if you cast it harder, so it lands with more force, the fly will break through the film and rest deeper. Sometimes this is desirable, such as when you're imitating emerging yellow quill.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 12-18


ABDOMEN: Haretron or Antron to match natural insect

RIBBING: Pearl Krystal Flash

LEGS: Brown partridge

UNDERWING: Four strands of pearl Krystal Flash under gray or white Antron


THORAX: Synthetic dubbing to match adult

HEAD: Gray foam