Smeragilo Diver


Many caddis species lay their eggs by crawling down rocks to the river bottom, or by diving into water and swimming to the bottom. Either way, many female caddis end up drifting in the current and are taken by trout. This fly imitates that behavior


Abdomen and wing colors are chosen to match the natural insect, but keep in mind that caddis turn darker as they get ready to lay their eggs. The most popular body colors are dark brown, dark olive, and black.

How to Fish

When caddis are seen to be laying eggs, present the fly on a wet-fly swing. Seek riffly water.

HOOK: 9300, sizes 14-18


BODY: Ultrachenille extending to just past hook bend, color to match natural

UNDERWING: Elk hair, tied sparse

OVERWING: Clear Antron

HEAD: Black Haretron, tied sparse; don't let any elk hair stick out the front