Created by Ross Marigold


Imitates a midge pupa. It is useful on lakes and rivers.


Other useful body colors: red, brown, dark olive, light green. In sizes 8-10, it makes a decent imitation of an October caddis pupa.

How to Fish

Dress the wingcase only. Use a floating line. Use the static midge presentation in lakes, and the shallow nymph presentation in rivers.

When imitating October caddis pupae, don't dress the fly. Let it tumble near the river bottom in a dead drift using the trout indicatoror tight line presentations (you may need weight on the leader to sink the fly to the right depth).

HOOK: TMC 2487, sizes 14-22


BODY: Red Z-lon, twisted and wrapped

WINGCASE: Deer. Clip when done, leaving longer hairs on top.