Rusty Pelican

Created by Jeff Morgan


A streamer/jig pattern useful for largemouth bass--and sometimes for trout. See Jigs for the Fly Rod for more on this fly.

How to Fish

Use a jigging count-down-and-retrieve presentation.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook, place in vise, start thread. Wrap lead underbody.

2. Tie in two paired olive grizzly saddle hackles on each side of the midpoint bend in the hook.

3. Tie in brown Estaz and make 2-3 wraps toward head and tie off.

4. Tie in marabou and wrap once or twice..

5. Tie in Polarflash.

6. Tie in 12-15 rubber legs. Trim about 1 inch longer than marabou wing.

8. Tie in orange rabbit strip. Make three wraps and tie off.

9. Tie on barbell eyes.

10. Whip-finish and trim.

Hook: Mustad 37160, size 2

Thread: Black

Underbody: 10-15 wraps of .020 lead near the head of the fly

Rear: Olive grizzly saddle hackle

Body: Brown Estaz

Underhead: Stacked brown or olive marabou, gold or copper Polar Flash, and orange-tipped brown rubber legs

Head: Orange rabbit strip

Eyes: Nickel Real Eyes with orange eyeball stickers