Rising Black Fly

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates a black fly adult rising toward the surface. Black fly adults emerge underwater and shoot for the top encased in a bubble of air. For background, see the articles Black Flies: Part I and Black Flies: Part II--The Patterns.

Trout take rising black flies in fast water and have no time to inspect the bug as it rockets to the surface, lest they miss the opportunity altogether. Hence there is no great neat for strict realism.

The CDC bubble is perfect for this situation. It doesn't look like a small black bug encapsulated in a bubble of air, it is. The lead offsets the buoyancy of the CDC and gets the fly down to the bottom from whence it begins its rise.

How to Fish

Start with a tight line or trout indicator presentation in fast, riffly water, but impart a swift rise with the rod. A downstream presentation works best because you get a more natural rise.

HOOK: Dai Riki 300, size 12-16


UNDERBODY: Ten wraps of lead wire

BODY: Black dubbing

WING (OPTIONAL): Pearlescent sheet

EYES: Red dubbing, two turns