Red Bastard

Created by Jeff Morgan


An attractor pattern to be used when trout are feeding on Daphnia.

How to Fish

Use a sinking line and a slow hand-twist retrieve. Finding the right depth can be tricky. For more, see the tactics section of the article Dealing with Daphnia.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place in vise, start thread.

2. Tie in Krystalflash and marabou.

3. Wrap marabou body to head and secure.

4. Rib body with Krystalflash.

5. Tie back marabou butt ends and tear off with fingertips.

6. Tie in hackle and make 1-2 wraps of hackle, tie off.

7. Whipfinish and cement.

HOOK: Dai Riki 070, size 10-16

THREAD: Red, orange, or peach to match body

BODY: Orange, red, or peach marabou

RIBBING: Krystalflash to match body

WING: Short marabou puff to match body

HACKLE: Soft starling, grouse, or partridge