Power Soft Hackle

Created by Jeff Morgan


An "imitative" soft hackle pattern that can match caddis pupae or egg-laying caddis. For more about this fly, see the article 21st Century Soft Hackles.


Vary the size and the colors of the abdomen and thorax to match natural insects

How to Fish

While a surface swing is the traditional presentation, you can also use the fly as a dropper off a dry fly or use trout indicator, tight line, or rising nymph tactics.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, slide on bead, place in vice, start thread.

2. Tie in copper ribbing.

3. Dub abdomen.

4. Counter-wrap abdomen with ribbing.

5. Dub thorax

6. Tie in CDC and wrap like hackle. Trim to 25% longer than hook shank

7. Tie in hen hackle. Make one wrap. Tie off.

8. Whipfinish, trim, and cement.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 10-14

ABDOMEN: Sparkle dubbing to match abdomen of natural

RIBBING: Fine copper wire

THORAX: Sparkle dubbing to match thorax of natural

UNDERWING: CDC to match body

HACKLE: Soft mottled hen

HEAD: Brass bead