The People's Bugger


What does this Woolly Bugger variation represent? An albino dragonfly nymph? A leech that spent too much time indoors staring at a computer screen? Probably trout think it is a Woolly Bugger is a workable fry imitation, but adding a few improvements can really sell the fraud. The People's Bugger has a great color scheme and only takes a few seconds longer to tie than the standard white Woolly Bugger. It's a good point fly, because it draws a lot of interest from fish. If the fish are so awed that such a realistic pattern could be tied and choose not to chew it up, then there is another option just behind it.

How to Fish

Count-down-and-retrieve or slow retrieve with short strips.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in white thread.

2. Tie in white marabou.

3. Tie in pearl Flashabou. Trim to same length as marabou.

4. Tie in grizzly saddle hackle, hackle tip first.

5. Dub white body/wrap white chenille body.

6. Wrap two or three wraps of red dubbing for a collar.

7. Tie in 2-4 strands of peacock herl. Tips should be even with end of marabou.

8. Wrap saddle hackle up the body. Make sure that peacock stays on top of fly.

9. Tie off saddle hackle. Trim excess.

10. Build small head. Whip-finish and cement.

HOOK: Mustad 9672, sizes 4-10


TAIL: White Marabou

BODY: White chenille

BACK: Peacock sword

FLASH: Pearl flashabou, tied in behind neck

NECK: Red dubbing

HACKLE: Grizzly

HEAD (OPTIONAL): Silver 1/8" bead