Montana Stone


Imitates salmonfly nymphs. This fly must be fished on the bottom. Period. So weight it heavily under the body, then flatten the weight with pliers. For extra weight, put on a bead head. Yes, you're going to lose a lot of flies. This traditional pattern must work somewhere, but I've never seen a yellow-bellied stonefly in any Oregon river. Perhaps it's different in Montana.


A golden stonefly is more of a mottled tan; use size 8-12 hooks for them.

How to Fish

Dead drift on the bottom with an trout indicator or tight line presentation. The best areas are bouldery sections, riffles, and just below riffles.

HOOK: TMC 5263, sizes 4-10


TAIL: Black hackle fibers

ABDOMEN: Black chenile

WINGCASE: Black chenile


THORAX: Yellow chenile