Created by Bill Morgan


A generic pattern, the Mensa is effective for trout in both rivers and lakes. It also works well for bass. For more on this fly, see the article Father's Day Flies.


The flashy wingcase can be replaced with darker chenille for a more subdued fly.

How to Fish

In lakes, use a count-down-and-retrieve presentation. Steep banks and other structure are good places to work the fly.

In rivers, use a count-down-and-retrieve or wet-fly swing. Alternatively, it can be near the bottom with a trout indicator or tight line presentation.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook, place in vise, start red thread.

2. Tie in marabou tail

3. Tie in black chenille and black hackle feather.

4. Wrap black chenille forward to midpoint of hook. Tie off, but don't trim.

5. Wrap hackle forward to midpoint. Tie off, but save the rest of the feather for the thorax. Trim the hackle short along the abdomen.

6. Tie in olive sparkle chenille for the wingcase.

7. Finish the thorax by wrapping the black chenille forward and tying it off.

8. Wrap the hackle over the thorax and tie off. Don't trim the hackle over the thorax.

9. Pull the olive chenille over the top of the thorax to make a wingcase. Trim.

10. Build a small head. Whip-finish and trim.

HOOK: Dai Riki 700, size 6-10; weighted heavily.


TAIL: Black marabou

BODY: Black sparkle chenille

HACKLE: Black saddle. Trim in the body area, but leave untrimmed in the thorax.

THORAX: Black sparkle chenille

WINGCASE: Olive sparkle chenille or poly yarn

HEAD: Red thread