Imitates baitfish. They are useful anytime you are around large, predatory trout.


There are many variations on the Matuka style, including different body colors, spun and clipped deer hair heads, gills, etc. Anything to make it look like a minnow or sculpin. The fly can be weighted or not. The eyes are optional.

How to Fish

Use a count-down-and-retrieve presentation. Vary the retrieve until you find what works best at the moment: slow and steady, fast, strip-and-pause, or quick, short two-inch strips. In rivers, this is a good fly to use with a sink-tip line: let it sink into undercut banks, then start stripping; or use the deep swing presentation.

HOOK: 5263, sizes 4-8.


RIB: Copper wire or fine oval gold tinsel

BODY: Brown chenille

WING: Four brown-dyed grizzly hackles

HACKLE: Brown-dyed grizzly