Magic Perch

Created by Warner Schoth


Imiates yellow perch fry. Some anglers have attempted instill the fly with supernatural fish-catching power but, alas, no quantity nor quality of incantations will make it truly magic. It was originally developed for Idaho's Magic Reservoir, hence the name.

How to Fish

Use near rocky areas where baby perch like to hang out. Use a count-down-and-retrieve presentation with a full-sinking line. A jerky retrieve with pauses seems to works best.

HOOK: 5263, sizes 2-4; weighted


TAIL: Orange hackle fibers with strands of orange Crystal Hair

RIB: Black monocord

BODY: "Fools Gold" Riverborn New Age Chenille

UNDERWING: Black pearlescent Cascade Fly Flash

WING: Olive-dyed mallard flank

HACKLE: Orange-dyed saddle hackle with orange Crystal Hair