Little Yellow Stonefly Nymph

Created by Polly Rosborough


Use when little yellow stoneflies are hatching. You can tumble it near the bottom, but it is particularly useful when there is a hatch of those little yellow stones that emerge in the water (all other stoneflies crawl out of the water and emerge on land).

How to Fish

For a near-bottom presentation, use the trout indicator or tight line tactics. Near surface, use the shallow nymph presentation.

HOOK: TMC 300, sizes 10-12, unweighted

THREAD: Amber or yellow

TAIL: Mallard flank fibers dyed a dirty chartreuse

RIB: Same as thread

SHELLBACK: Same as tail

BODY: Chartreuse Superfine or similar material

LEGS: Mallard flank to match tail

WINGCASE: Mallard flank to match tail

LEGS: Mallard flank to match tail