Little Squirrel Stone

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates stoneflies, especially little yellow stonefly nymphs.


Vary size and color to match natural insects.

How to Fish

Dead drift on the bottom with an trout indicator or tight line presentation.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook, place in vise, and start thread.

2. Tie in tails.

3. Tie in copper wire for ribbing.

4. Dub abdomen.

5. Wrap copper wire ribbing forward and tie down.

6. Tie in legs.

7. Dub thorax.

8. Tie in antennae

9. Dub collar.

10. Whip-finish and trim.

HOOK: 1X Fine wire, Standard shank, Turned-Down eye; e.g., Dai Riki 070 or equivalent; sizes 10-16


TAIL: Fine barred Tarantula Legs

RIBBING: Fine copper wire

BODY: Light Antron/squirrel blend

LEGS: Fine barred Taratula Legs

THORAX: Dark Antron/squirrel blend

ANTENNAE: Fine barred Taratula Legs

COLLAR: Peacock Ice Dub