Lefty's Deceiver

Created by Lefty Kreh


Originally a saltwater baitfish pattern, but it can be used in freshwater, too, especially in smaller sizes. When tying the fly for freshwater, save a few bucks and don't use the stainless steel hook.


There are many color variations, mostly in the wing colors: green over white; red over yellow; all white; blue over white. But in all cases, use the red Accent Flash and paint the eyes. The red imitates gills, and predatory fish focus on the gills and eyes when they attack baitfish.

How to Fish

Use a sinking or sink-tip line. Count-down-and-retrieve slow retrieve and wind drift are effective presentations.

HOOK: TMC 811S, sizes 2-4/0

THREAD: Flourescent red single-strand floss

TAIL: White hackle fibers with pearl Accent Flash

BODY: Thread (floss)

UNDERWING: White bucktail

OVERWING: Red bucktail

THROAT: Red Accent Flash

EYES: White paint, with black pupils