Lead Eyed Crayfish


Imitates Crayfish. The pattern rides upside down, with the hook point up so it is less likely to get hung up.

How to Fish

Cast and let the fly settle to the bottom in rocky areas. When the fly is settled, give a long strip to imitate a moving crayfish. Then let it settle again and repeat.

HOOK: 5263, sizes 6-12


EYES: Lead eyes or equivalent. Tie at hook bend, not head.

SHELLBACK: Brown swiss straw. Tie on bottom of hook shank. Leave some sticking out the front of the hook. When the rest of the fly is complete, trim to look like tail.

BODY: Brown angora goat

CLAWS: Red squirrel tail. Tie divided on bottom of hook shank behind lead eyes.

RIB: Copper wire. Wrap over shellback and body