Koudelka Killer


Can imitate October caddis larvae, but is primarily an attractor pattern. See the article Caddis Larvae--Part I.

How to Fish

Use tight line or trout indicator nymphing tactics

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place in vise, start thread

2. Wrap underbody of lead wire

3. Tie in silver ribbing

4. Dub peacock Ice Dub Body.

5. Rib silver tinsel.

6. Dub pink thorax.

7. Tie in black saddle hackle. Make 1-2 wraps. Trim top and bottom.

8. Dub head, whipfinish, and trim.

HOOK: Dai Riki 270, size 2-8


UNDERBODY: Lead wire, .025 diameter

RIBBING: Fine silver oval tinsel

BODY: Peacock Ice Dub

THROAT: Shell pink Ice Dub, or a blend of equal parts of shell pink Ice Dub, orange Ice Dub, and ligth cahill Haretron

LEGS: Soft black saddle hackle

HEAD: Black sparkle chenille