Je T'aime Bugger

Created by Jeff Morgan


A streamer/jig pattern useful for largemouth bass--and sometimes for trout. See Jigs for the Fly Rod for more on this fly.


Vary colors to match prevailing baitfish or crayfish species.

How to Fish

Use a jigging count-down-and-retrieve presentation.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook, slide on cone head, place in vise, start thread.

2. Tie in 12-15 rubber legs for the tail.

3. Tie in Flashabou to be same length as tail.

4. Tie in crosscut rabbit and make 4-6 wraps for the body.

5. Tie in hackle for collar, make 2-3 wraps, tie down and trim.

6. Build head, whipfinish, and cement.

Hook: Dai Riki 270, size 2-8

Head: Brass cone in gold or silver color

Tail: Barred fine rubber leg material

Overtail: Pearl Flashabou

Body : Cross-cut rabbit strips

Collar: Hackle similar to body