Isoperla Nymph

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates nymphs of little yellow stoneflies.


You can paint black markings on the back, though they can easily be omitted. You can add lead wire or a bead in the thorax to weight the pattern. A black bead head can also look good on this pattern.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line nymphing tactics. Focus on riffly water and make sure your nymph is near the bottom.

Tying Instructions

This realistic pattern is not nearly as hard to tie as it looks. Considering how long it takes to tie large patterns like the Kaufmanns Stonefly, this one is a quickie. It catches plenty of trout, and few other little yellow stonefly patterns have produced as well.

1. Debarb hook and slide copper or gold bead on the hook.

2. Tie on thread.

3. Tie in rubber legs for tail. Trim short.

4. Tie in Body Stretch.

5. Tie in clear monofilament ribbing.

6. Dub yellow rabbit abdomen.

7. Pull Body Stretch over shellback and rib the abdomen. Pull back shellback and hold in place with wrap of yellow dubbing.

8. Tie in legs behind bead

9. Wrap thread over bead, make wrap of dubbing in front of the bead to lock it in place.

10. Pull Body Stretch over wingcase and tie off.

11. Tie in rubber legs for antennae.

12. Whip finish and cement.

13. Paint markings on nymph with waterproof pen or paint pen, if desired.

HOOK: Dai Riki 270 size 10-14

THREAD: Yellow

TAILS: Fine rubber legs

UNDERBODY: Yellow rabbit dubbing

OVERBODY: Clear Body Stretch

RIBBING: 4X monofilament

WINGCASE: Same as overbody

THORAX: Brass bead

LEGS: Fine rubber legs

ANTENNAE: Fine rubber legs