Hosmer Lake Devil


This pattern started out as a pure attractor, but it earned its stripes (and its namesake) on Oregon's Hosmer Lake while fishing for Atlantic Salmon in the fall.

How to Fish

When used exclusively as an attractor, this pattern can be effective with a "roly-poly" retrieve, where you strip the fly back very quickly with both hands.

This is also an effective pattern when fished in tandem with smaller flies. Tie a smaller fly, such as a Pheasant Tail or Prince nymph on an 18-24 inch trailing leader (tied to the Hosmer Lake Devil's hookbend) or on a dropper about the same distance in front of the Devil). Use the count-down-and-retrieve tactic.

Tying Instructions

1. Slide bead on hook.

2. Start thread and tie-in chartreuse tail. Don't trim butts of the marabou; they will form the body.

3. Tie on red marabou butt. Keep it short, less than half the length of the tail.

4. Tie-in ribbing.

5. Wrap chartreuse marabou for the body. Tie off just behind the bead.

6. Wrap ribbing.

7. Tie-in underwing of Krystalflash.

8. Tie-in and wrap Schlappen hackle.

9. Add two wraps of insect green dubbing in front of the hackle.

10. Wrap head and finish.

HOOK: Dai Riki 710, size 8-10

TAIL: Chartreuse Marabou

BUTT: Red Marabou

BODY: Chartruese marabou

RIBBING: Fine gold or silver wire

WING: 6-10 strands of root beer Krystalflash

HACKLE: Chartreuse Schlappen

THROAT: Insect green dubbing

HEAD: Gold bead