Henrys Dragon

Created by Henry Hoffman


Imitates a dragonfly nymph. Dragonfly nymphs live up to three years before hatching into adults. Trout don't get to eat them very often, but they make a big, juicy meal when they are encountered, so the sight of a cruising dragonfly nymph can catch a trout's interest.

Modern fly tiers owe much to Henry Hoffman, for he is the man who invented the better chicken. Without Henry Hoffman, you wouldn't have those high-quality grizzly hackles that you need to tie small, imitative flies. See westfly.com's interview with Henry Hoffman.

This pattern uses Chickabou, which has excellent properties when used on wet flies.


Can also be tied in brown shades. Use thread, Chickabou, and dubbing to match.

Dragonfly nymphs come in two main varieties: climbers and sprawlers. The latter have a squat, boxy shape. Tie them on shorter hooks and shape the body accordingly.

How to Fish

Use a count-down-and-retrieve presentation. Move the fly in short strips with a pause between each strip.

HOOK: TMC 5263, sizes 6-10


EYES: Brass, nickel, etc.

TAIL: OliveChickabou tips to match body

RIB: Brass wire

BODY: Olive Chickabou. Wrap the Chickabou onto the hook, then clip to shape; see the notes below about how to shape the body for different species.

LEGS: Chickabou tips

WINGCASE: Turkey quill

HEAD: Olive dubbing