Green Wienie


Terrestrial critters that falls onto the water from shoreside vegetation, and there is no doubt that trout will eat them when they are available. This is the simplest fly you will ever tie. It is just chartreuse chenille tied onto a hook; note the loop in back.

How to Fish

Dave Hughes writes, "I just returned from a speaking trip to Pennsylvania. Folks there showed me a bright green fly called the Green Wienie, and asked, 'What in the world could something this simple represent? It catches lots of fish.'

"The answer was easy. You and I have seen hundreds of inchworms dangling on their own silk threads, rapelling right out of streamside trees and into Western trout streams. Try dropping this pattern off a larger dry fly, or a yarn indicator, and fishing it tight against forested banks."

HOOK: TMC 200, sizes 12-14


TAIL: Chartreuse chenille, doubled

BODY: Chartreuse chenille