Gierach Dragon

Created by John Gierach


Dragonfly nymphs live up to three years before hatching into adults. Trout don't get to eat them very often, but they make a big, juicy meal when they are encountered, so the sight of a dragonfly nymph can catch a trout's interest.

This pattern imitates the sprawler dragonfly nymphs. These predacious bugs lie on the bottom of lakes and wait for midge larvae or other unsuspecting food to wander by. Then the dragonfly nymph darts out and ambushes an easy meal. But sometimes a trout is lurking nearby, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

The pattern is the creation of John Gierach, the noted essayist.


Can also be tied in brown shades.

How to Fish

Because you weighted the fly on the top of the hook, it will ride with the hook point up. The deer hair beard acts as a weed guard. This enables you to imitate the behavior of the natural insect: cast and let the fly sink to the bottom; after waiting a bit (patience! patience!), give it a quick one-foot-long strip--like the nymph just leapt from ambush; then let it settle again, and repeat. Fish in shallow areas near weed beds. And reconcile yourself to losing a fly now and then.

HOOK: TMC 200R, sizes 6-10


EYES: Monofilament

RIB: Gold tinsel

BODY: Olive dubbing. Weight the top of the hook

LEGS: Partridge to match body. Tie divided, some on each side.

BEARD: Deer hair on the underside of the hook. Tie it long--so it extends past the hook point--and a bit thick.

HEAD: Olive dubbing