Egg ala Muck


Imitates drifting roe (fish eggs). Trout and other fish frequently ingest the eggs of other species, or even of their own kind. Winter and spring are often good times to use egg imitations.

For details on selecting the right color and size, see the article Egg Flies.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line nymphing tactics.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook, place in vise, and start thread.

2. Strip off end of chenille so center cord is exposed. Tie in chenille.

3. Apply small dab of superglue to prevent spinning and unravelling. Too much superglue will make the fly hard, so be conservative.

4. Make three wraps with the chenille to make a ball. Tie off, whip finish, and trim. Push "nub" at tie-in point into the egg to make it look spherical.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 12-18

THREAD: To match chenille

BODY: Peach, light cream, or light pink chenille wrapped 3-4 times into egg shape