East Lake Fry


Imitates fry (very young fish of any species).

How to Fish

Jeff Morgan says of this fly: "Fish this fly static, with as little movement as possible. Cast it out, sip on a soda, eat a sandwich, and wait. Be patient, and you will be rewarded with larger-than-average fish. Be sure to research when and where fingerling plantings will occur."

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in white thread.

2. Tie in white foam strip. Wrap foam up shank and tie off.

3. Slip mylar tubing over the foam body. Tie off at hook bend. Half-hitch and leave tag of thread to tie down the Krystalflash. This pattern can also be tied with two bobbins spooled up with thread, one to tie things down in front, and one to tie things down in the rear.

4. Tie in red Krystalflash at head. Tie down at bend.

5. Tie in Peacock Krystalflash at head. Tie down at bend. Trim excess of both.

6. Build white thread head-- it should be approximately the same thickness as the body.

7. Add eyes, if desired. Whip finish and soft-epoxy the head.

8. Add body coloration, if desired.

HOOK: Dai Riki 700, size 2-6

THREAD: White 6/0

UNDERBODY: White closed-cell foam

BACK: Peacock Krystalflash over red Krystalflash

MARKINGS (OPTIONAL): Waterproof markers