Diving Hydropsyche Caddis


Imitates a spotted caddis (Hydropsyche) that dives or crawls underwater to lay its eggs. Where these insects are present they often occur in dense numbers, and trout will feed actively on this stage.


If you want a slower-sinking pattern, you can substitute a glass bead for the gold bead.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line nymphing tactics. Surface swing tactics also work well.

Tying Instructions

1. Slide bead on the hook and position it near the head of the fly. Tie in thread.

2. Dub tiny egg sac (only 1-2 wraps of thread).

3. Dub tan dubbing up to bead. Bring wrap of dubbing over the bead, then make two wraps in front of the bead to secure it in place.

4. Tie in CDC underwing.

5. Tie in partridge fibers for the legs, or dub deer hair for legs.

6. Tie in lacquered Raffia strips and sweep them back over the bead. Trim to shape.

7. Dub small head. Tie off, make three half hitches, and lacquer the head.

HOOK: Dai Riki 305, size 12-16

EGG SAC: Bright green dubbing or yellow dubbing

BODY: Tan Hareline Caddis/Emerger dubbing

BEAD: Gold bead


WING: Brown, cream, or gray lacquered raffia (to match natural). You can add spots with a waterproof marker, if desired.

LEGS: Dark partridge fibers or dubbed tan and natural deer hair

HEAD: To match body