Diving Baetis Spinner


Blue-winged olive (Baetis) spinners dive or crawl underwater to lay their eggs. This fly imitates those spinners, and fishes well when you see lots of adults flying around but you can't get trout to take your dun imitations. A beautiful pattern, you'll these just for the pleasure of it. But don't forget to cast them!


Blue-winged olives vary slightly in color from olive to brown, depending on species, location, and time of year. Try to match the size and color of the natural insects, but remember that size is more important than color.

If you want, you can add a pearl bead in the thorax.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line nymphing tactics.

Tying Instructions

1. Slide bead on the hook. Position bead near head of fly. Tie in thread.

2. Dub tiny egg sac (only 1-2 wraps of thread)

3. Tie in two microfibbetts divided by the egg sac.

4. Tie in olive/brown turkey biot. To make the fly more durable, you can put a thin layer of lacquer or superglue over the shank. Wrap 3-5 wraps (only 2/3 of the way up the hook). Tie off and trim.

5. Tie in starling feather tip and make 1-2 wraps to give sparse legging effect.

6. Tie in lacquered raffia strips and sweep the back over the bead. Trim to shape.

7. Build small head. Tie off, make three half hitches, and lacquer head.

HOOK: Dai Riki 310 or 305, size 16-22

TAILS: Dun Microfibetts

EGG SAC: Bright yellow dubbing

BODY: Olive-brown turkey biot or olive-brown dubbing

WING: Z-wing or tan Raffia, tied back and clipped to shape

HACKLE: One-and-half wraps of starling