Deer Hair Pupa


Imitates a caddis pupa. The deer hair dubbing makes this a realistic-looking pattern--perhaps a better imitation than the standard Sparkle Pupa that most anglers use. For tying instructions and suggestions for imitating different caddis species, see the article Dubbing with Deer Hair.

How to Fish

Use a floating line and a shallow nymph presentation. This fly does not fish well with a wet-fly swing. You can also fish it near the bottom using the trout indicator or tight line presentations.

Tying Instructions

1. Slip bead over hook.

2. Tie in thread, tie in wire ribbing material. Trim excess.

3. Dub abdomen, try to give the body a good taper.

4. Dub deer hair thorax, try to make it sparse but scraggly.

5. Add a wrap or two of dubbing (same color as deer hair) which will help prevent abrasion between the bead head and the deer hair. If you omit this step, you will find that the patterns fall apart rather quickly.

6. Whip finish and cement.

7. Trim the top of the deer hair thorax, so that only the fibers that extend under the fly remain. Trim these fibers short, about as long as the hook gape.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, sizes 10-16

THREAD: To match body

HEAD: Gold, black, copper or brass bead

BODY: Hareline Caddis and Emerger Dubbing to match natural

RIBBING: Fine gold or copper wire

THORAX: Dubbed deer hair, clipped on top; color to match natural