Czech Nymph


A general purpose nymph that is also an excellent imitation of spotted caddis larvae and scuds.


The Czech nymph style has many variations, and this is one of the more effective dressings. You can tie in Krystalflash down the edges of the shellback to give it a little more flash. Legs can be added, but it is just an extra step that really won't produce that many more fish.

How to Fish

Use tight line nymphing tactics.

Tying Instructions

1. Start thread and wrap shank with lead.

2. Tie in Thinskin and monofilament.

3. Dub thin abdomen. Brush out to create opaque "scud" effect.

4. Pull shellback over abdomen and tie in place--DO NOT trim.

5. Wrap 5-7 wraps of monofilament for ribbing. Tie off and trim.

6. Dub fox squirrel dubbing for thorax, dub loosely for "spiked" effect.

7. Pull Thinskin over thorax, tie off and trim.

8. Whip finish and trim excess.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 10-14

UNDERBODY: 15-20 wraps .010 lead wire

ABDOMEN: Insect green Hareline caddis and emerger dubbing

SHELLBACK: Olive Wapsi Thinskin

RIBBING: 4X monofilament

THORAX: Natural fox squirrel