Crooked River Scud

Created by Bill Meyer


Scuds are shrimp-like fresh-water crustaceans. They can occur in huge numbers in lakes and in slackwater sections of rivers. When present, they offer trout a delicious morsel that is hard to resist.

This effective pattern is the easiest scud imitation you'll ever tie. It works well on Oregon's Crooked River, a scud-rich but turbid stream near Prineville.

How to Fish

In rivers, present the fly with the shallow nymph or wet-fly swing presentations; remember, scuds are present in weedy, slow-water stretches. In lakes, use an intermediate line and a slow retrieve.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, sizes 12-14

THREAD: Orange, pink, or olive depending on body color

BODY: Orange, pink, or pale olive Estaz. Clip the top and sides to shape.