Crooked River Magic

Created by Russ Seaton


This is a generic emerger pattern developed by Westfly user Russ Seaton.

How to Fish

Russ says, "I like to fish this about 15 inches behind a Parachute Adams or blue-winged olive imitation.


THREAD: Rusty brown

RIB: Fine silver or gold wire

BODY: Pheasant tail fibers dyed yellow or olive

SHUCK: Blended rust, brown, and olive Antron. Tie the material in front of the body, but leave it long enough so it can run along the back of the fly and extend beyond the hook about the length of the shank. Wrap over it with the ribbing.

WINGCASE: Closed cell foam in orange, tan, or white

LEGS: Dark brown partridge

THORAX: Rusty brown Micro-Brite