Crayfish ala Darc

Created by Darc Knobel


Imitates a crayfish. The pattern rides upside down, with the hook point up so it is less likely to get hung up.

This pattern was develped by Darc Knobel of Wenatchee, Washington, as a crayfish imitation to be used for carp fishing in the Columbia Basin. Use it over rocky bottoms.

How to Fish

When fishing for trout or smallmouth bass, cast and let the fly settle to the bottom in rocky areas. When the fly is settled, give a long strip to imitate a moving crayfish. Then let it settle again and repeat.

When fishing for carp, let the fly settle to the bottom and leave it alone.

HOOK: Tiemco 5263


CLAWS: Pheasant flank

EYES: Mini lead eyes

ANTENNAE: Pheasant tail

HACKLE: Pheasant tail

BODY: Rust rabbit dubbing

BOTTOM (TOP,ACTUALLY) Blond raffia (Swiss straw)

RIB: Copper wire