Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates nymphs of pale morning dun mayflies.

PMD nymphs are naturally slim, as well as small. Many traditional nymph patterns are too thick and don't match the natural insect's profile. This thin, sparse pattern looks more like the real insect than many commercial patterns.


To match blue-winged olives, use size 16-20 hooks. To match Callibaetis, use size 14-18 hooks.

How to Fish

In rivers, use the trout indicator tight line, rising nymph or shallow nymph presentations. The first three are suited to beadhead versions of the nymph. The latter presentation is usually used with non-beadhead flies

When imitating Callibaetis nymph in lakes, the slow retrieve presentation is most useful. Use a non-beadhead fly.

HOOK: Dai Riki 300, size 16-18

THREAD: To match body

BEADHEAD (OPTIONAL): 3/32 or 5/64 copper bead

TAIL: A few grizzly hackle fibers

ABDOMEN: Rusty-brown dubbing

RIBBING: Fine gold or silver oval tinsel

THORAX: To match body color. Brush out very slightly

WINGCASE: Black CDC feather