CDC Caddis Pupa


Imitates caddis pupa.


Vary the color and size to match different caddis hatches.

You need a large bead head to sink this fly, and you may also want to add some lead wire under the body.

How to Fish

Use a floating line and a shallow nymph, trout indicator, or tight line presentation.

With all the CDC this fly will float unless you crimp a split shot or two on the leader or tied the fly with a bead head.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in CDC fibers by tips. I try to use 3-4, long CDC feathers with dense fibers. Poor CDC simply will not retain the air bubble for long.

2. Dub body. Use a color dubbing that's close to the CDC color.

3. Tie in 2-3 strands of Krystalflash

4. Loop CDC around. Try to sweep fibers along the body before tying in. Trim stray fibers.

5. Tie in partridge legs.

6. Tie in ostrich herl. Trim if oversized.

7. Tie antennae (optional), sweeping back over the body.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, sizes 8-16

BUBBLE: CDC to match color of abdomen

TAIL: 2-3 strands of Krystalflash

BODY: Sparkle dubbing, such as Haretron, brushed out. Color to match natural insect

LEGS: Dark partridge

THORAX: Ostrich herl to match thorax of natural

ANTENNAE (OPTIONAL): Dark widgeon flank fibers