CDC Bubble Brassie


A variation of the Brassie. Use it when hatches of midges, blue-winged olives, or pale morning duns are in season.

Because this fly uses CDC to capture an air bubble, it is more effective than the standard Brassie.


Copper wire is the best color. Green wire a close second, and black and red wire each have their moments.

How to Fish

Use the trout indicator, tight line, or shallow nymph presentations.

Tying Instructions

1. De-barb hook and slide bead over hook.

2. Put copper wire in bobbin and use the wire as thread. This allows you to tie faster and neater because you don't need to tie in the wire with thread. The thinner the wire, the better the finished fly.

3. Wrap copper wire over base of superglue. This allows you to wrap a thinner body than wrapping thread

4. Tie in CDC tip. Make bubble and tie off.

5. Tie in two strands of peacock. Make two wraps.

6. Tie off with two wraps of copper thread. Make two half hitches with the wire, trim, and cement.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 10-16

BODY: Copper or brass wire

BUBBLE: Dun CDC (no Krystalflash)

THORAX: Peacock herl

HEAD: Copper bead