Brooks Stone

Created by Charles Brooks


Imitates salmonfly nymphs, which are common in most rivers of the West. This fly must be fished on the bottom. Period. So weight it heavily under the body, then flatten the weight with pliers. For extra weight, put on a bead head. Yes, you're going to lose a lot of flies.

The Brooks Stone was developed with the idea that your fly will tumble as it drifts, whereas the natural does not. Therefore the fly is tied "in the round" so it presents the same image to the trout all the time and looks more like the natural insect.


Vary the hook size and color to match other large stoneflies.

How to Fish

The best areas are bouldery sections, riffles, and just below riffles. Use the trout indicator or tight line presentations.

HOOK: TMC 5263, sizes


TAIL: Black stripped goose

RIB: Copper wire

BODY: Black wool yarn

HACKLE: Brown and grizzly. Strip the fibers from one side of the feathers, then wrap them together around the front quarter of the hook. Make it bushy.