Bristol Emerger


Useful during caddis or midge hatches, or as a general attractor in both stilwaters and river.


Tie on a heavy scud hook to use as a deep-sunk fly. For some background on this pattern, see the article Tinsel--It's not Just for Trees.

How to Fish

Use standard dry fly or shallow nymph presentations to present on the surface.

If tied on a heavy scud hook, dead drift the fly near the bottom with an trout indicator or tight line presentation.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place in vise, start thread.

2. Tie in tinsel

3. Tie in copper wire.

4. Wrap tinsel forward.

5. Wrap wire forward.

6. Tie in Orange Krystalflash, make loop, and tie off.

7. Dub thorax.

8. Tie in soft hackle, make one wrap.

9. Tie off and whip finish.

HOOK: Dai Riki 305, size 14-16

BODY: Gold mylar tinsel

RIBBING: Fine copper wire

THORAX: Squirrel

WINGPAD: Orange Krystalflash, tied in a loop

HACKLE: Soft speckled hen