An attractor pattern of English origin, the Blob has little movement. It's sole reason for working is color--and lots of it. It resembles a sawed-off Woolly Bugger.


Any color can work, but bright colors are usually most effective.

How to Fish

Count-down-and-retrieve or slow retrieve. Vary the retrieve until you find what works best at the moment: slow and steady, fast, strip-and-pause, or quick, short two-inch strips. Also, a wind drift tactic works well in lakes.

Fish at all depths until you find the right one, but most of the time you should be fishing somewhere between two to six feet deep.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, slide on bead, place in vise, and start thread.

2. Tie in tail.

3. Tie in flash on each side of tail.

4. Tie in body material and wrap to hook eye.

5. Tie off material.

6. Whipfinish and trim.

HOOK: Dai Riki 700, size 6-12

TAIL: Marabou to match body

FLASH: One strand of Flashabou to match body

BODY: Crystal Chenille, Estaz, Fritz, or similar material. Colors can include bright orange, pink, peach, and white.

HEAD: Gold, silver, copper, or brass bead