Black Viva


Imitates fry (very young fish of any species). This pattern has good motion and can be a great choice in low-light periods where fish tend to strike at darker patterns. It is a good general attractor throughout the winter and spring, especially when fishing for stocked trout.

How to Fish

Use the count-down-and-retrieve tactic.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in thread.

2. Tie in chartreuse antron. Trim to the size of an eraser button.

3. Tie in silver mylar tinsel.

4. Dub black body.

5. Wrap tinsel. Make about 5 wraps.

6. Tie off tinsel. Trim excess.

7. Tie in hackle. Make 2-3 wraps, sweep back and tie off and trim.

8. Tie in underwing if desired. It should be even with the end of the body.

9. Tie in black rabbit fur for wing. Tips should be even with the antron butt.

10. Build small head. Whip-finish and cement.

HOOK: Dai Riki 700, size 10-12

THREAD: Black 6/0

BUTT: Chartreuse antron

BODY: Black dubbing, small black chenille, or black Sparkle Braid

RIBBING: Small silver mylar tinsel

UNDERWING (OPTIONAL): Black Krystalflash or Flashabou

HACKLE: Black, sparse

WING: Black rabbit fur clump