Big Horn Scud


Scuds are shrimp-like fresh-water crustaceans. They can occur in huge numbers in lakes and in slackwater sections of rivers. When present, they offer trout a delicious morsel that is hard to resist.

This pattern represents a dead or spawning scud in a river. Since dead scuds don't swim very well, this would not seem to be a good lake pattern. However, author and fly tyer Jeff Morgan has heard reports of lake-dwelling brook trout slamming the bejabbers out of the fly during their spawning season.

How to Fish

In rivers, present the fly with the shallow nymph or wet-fly swing presentations; remember, scuds are present in weedy, slow-water stretches. In lakes, use an intermediate line and a slow retrieve.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, sizes 12-14


TAIL: Orange or pink marabou

BODY: Orange or pink rabbit fur or synthetic dubbing. Pick out the dubbing to represent legs.

RIB: Orange or pink thread, to match body

SHELLBACK: Pearlescent mylar