Beadhead Simuliid


Imitates a larger black fly larva. For background, see the articles Black Flies: Part I and Black Flies: Part II--The Patterns.

This is Jeff Morgan's (the originator) standard black fly imitation. The beadhead helps the fly stay deep--vital considering the fast-water habitats where the imitations are fished. Jeff has landed fish throughout the United States on this pattern, and it excels in tailwaters and medium-sized montain rivers.

How to Fish

You can use this fly as a dropper off another imitation of a fastwater insect (Rithrogena mayfly, Rhyacophila caddis, Calineuria stonefly, etc). Fish it with a tight line or trout indicator presentation in fast, riffly water.

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, size 12-16


BODY: Cream, white, or dirty yellow rabbit/antron dubbing

RIBBING: Fine oval silver tinsel

HEAD: Small black bead one size smaller than you would normally use on a hook of this size

FAN: White CDC