Baby Doll


On lakes that receive large plants of fingerling trout, many baby fish don't make it through the transition from a hatchery to a tanker truck to real water. Stressed by the travel and shocked by the realization that they are now in water that is not surrounded by concrete, they try to stay with their siblings in the shallow water over the wedbeds. But it's too much for many of these poor little ones. The weak and unfortunate die. (A moment of silence, please.)

Then big trout come along and eat them. So it goes.

This fly imitates those poor fishy souls that lie belly-up over the weed beds after the hatchery truck has left.

How to Fish

Cast over weed beds and shallow areas where fingerlings have been recently stocked. Use a chuck-and-sit presentation.

HOOK: Mustad 9672, 8-10


TAIL: White wool

BODY: White wool