Amiocentrus Larva


Weedy-water caddis (genus Amiocentrus) favor slow water where leavy detritus collects. Thus they are not as common as other caddis species. But when they are present, they usually occur in sufficient numbers to interest trout.

Since the larvae live in quiet water, they are seldom knocked loose and made available to fish. However, a strong spate (or a steady stream of wading anglers) can wash them out and make this a handy pattern to have in your fly box.

How to Fish

Dead drift the fly near the bottom with an trout indicator or tight line presentation.

HOOK: Mustad 9672


BODY: Pheasant tail fibers wrapped around hook

COLLOR: Bright green Haretron

LEGS: Three black deer hairs, cut short; or pheasant tail fibers

HEAD: Black or copper bead